Saturday, June 11, 2011

Charming Chapeau!

A few weeks ago I went to a great wedding shower that was themed "A Day at the Races," and ladies were required to where a "derby" hat. My crafting bug started racing around my head like crazy with ideas immediately!! So a couple days before, Chad and I went to Marshals to find a hat. I don't usually shop there but I had been there before and noticed that they sold Sunday-type hats. We picked one up for about $15 and unfortunately, the next day I noticed that Target had cuter hats for $12, but no biggie. Next, I headed down the block to Michael's for some cute faux flowers, ribbon and a new glue gun since mine has mysteriously disappeared...
Anywho, making a "Derby Days" hat is super easy and super fun. Here's what you need and how to do it!

1. Remove any trimmings from hat you do not want.
2. Cut ribbon to desired length (may want to measure so it goes all the way around hat)
3. Double over ribbon ends and glue to hat.
4. Cut faux flowers to desired length. Many faux flowers have wires in them so you may require
wire cutters for this.
5. Slip ends of flowers under ribbon and glue. Arrange as desired.
6. To cover up where flowers go behind ribbon, cut a short length of ribbon and double over.
Glue over the stems showing, or you can use a hat pin for a
n authentic look!

Enjoy and Happy Crafting!!

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