Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Things I'm Crazy About, Part Two

Alright, so here is a continuation from yesterday's list of all of my favorite things. Believe me, there are many, many more things I am insane about; some that are consistent while others I change my mind about every other minute. (such a girl!) Anyway, check out the rest of my bit-o-listomania!

6. Horror movies

I'm a super movie and film freak in general, but there is something about a horror flick that really gets me excited. It's a little bit of a self punishment thing since I ofte
n have to hide my head behind Chad and have been known to scream out loud ( three times in a row in unison with Kaleigh and Sarah while watching Descent). But nothing beats the chills and giggles that come after that! Check out my next must-see horror film preview:

Awesome right? Coming out this August, finally. This is by a Spanish director/producer but will be an English language film. Spain has a budding film industry as compared to the rest of Europe (via Franco) and is putting out some especially impressive horror films! And the thing about a horror/thriller movie is that *usually you'll never be disappointed. The film will either be scary and deliver what you had been hoping for or it will be so bad that it will be funny and you can laugh at the "scares" and dialogue. It's a win win.

7. Diet Pepsi

I LOVE Diet Pepsi. No. I ADORE Diet Pepsi. Why don't I just marry it then, you say? Well, first of all, I'm already married, and second of all maybe I would if human and liquid beverage unions were allowed in Kansas but as there is a state amendment against homosexual doesn't look good for me and my love affair. I didn't always drink Diet. At one time I drank the non-sugar substitute, full calorie syrup and even, dun dun dun...Coke. But I decided to cut calories and switch so I forced myself to go for Diet and now I am completely and utterly at it's mercy. Sure, here and there I may have a Sprite or a Cherry
Vanilla Diet Dr Pepper, a Fanta even. But I always come back. There's no denying that we have something, you might call it addiction, but I like to call it devotion. Here's a little something from back in the day:

Oh, memories! When my dad managed Taco Bells in NY Pepsi was running this campaign and they had this half Diet Pepsi can that went on the door and said "You got the right one, baby. Ah, ha" every time the door opened. And I got to keep it after the promotion was over!!! Wish I still had it!

And have you seen the new "skinny can" they put out for Fashion Week? Pretty cool l
ooking but really? a skinny can for fashion? Way to reinforce that models must be stick thin again! Pepsi gets a -1 for that.

8. Netflix

You ever w
ish you had thought of something cause it's so simple yet so ingenious that now it's driven pretty much everyone else out of the market and uses 15% of the bandwidth in the US? Well I do. And if I had I'd be freaking rolling in in. Chad and I race to the mailbox anyway, but if there's a red envelope in there, woot!! But that was nothing compared to the joy of setting up instant watch on our Wii. We watch the movies and TV shows on Netflix so much that we dropped our satellite programing! What's the point when I can watch 10 episodes of Law & Order a day? It's the ultimate in instant gratification. Although I must say that it has made my patience for movies not being available very low but I think that eventually everything will be instant watch anyway! If you haven't tried Netflix, then bygolly you should cause it will change your life and you get one month free. Clicky here.

9. Natalie Dee & Drew Comics

This is a wife and husband duo who publish free internet comics that are supported by products they sell associated with their art. They have a pretty big following but they are an acquired taste. Natalie is pretty silly while Drew is very dry. Fair warning: they don't like Star Wars. But, like Michelle and I have discussed many a time, someone has to hate to make a thing legitimate. They put out three new comics everyday that update at midnight. I'd say more but they pretty much speak for themselves.

That is a Natalie Dee from 12/11/09 that I randomly picked out. LOL. And here is Drew's Toothpaste For Dinner:

And here is Married to the Sea:

LOL. Anyway, If you'd like to see any of there other comics you can do random searches of them or go by month. Just clicky.

And so we come to my last favorite...

10. Crafts and Craft Blogs

I've always liked crafts, from back in preschool doing macaroni art to making a habit of frequenting craft fairs with my mom, crafting is fun. Although I will say my styles and tastes have changed over the years I have thrown myself once again into making cute decorations, clothes, quilts, etc. I'm really trying to find my niche while opening myself up to new things. One thing that has been super helpful in this has been checking out other crafting blogs. I love being inspired by what others are doing and creating. People are so talented and it's great to hear that they also started out with little experience as well! I hope to be featuring some of my own craft and art projects on this blog in the future but for now, please be inspired by some great works from my favorite blogs!

Lotte Lu and Brother Too
This is one of my bestie's blogs and frankly, she is the MOST talented person I have ever met! The pic above is one of the outfits she made for her little girl's first birthday party which was absolutely amazing! We can't wait to see what is in store next month for the big number 2, and from her Pintrest pictures, looks like it will be one not to miss!!

Sutton Grace
Living the Swell Life
Cluck Cluck Sew
The Boy Trifecta
The Crafty Cupboard

These are just some of my favorites so please check them out!

So there you go! My current top 10 favs! hope you enjoyed them and I'm sure there will be updates soon. Bye for now!

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