Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dog Daze!

On our anniversary, Chad and I took Indy and Scout to their favorite spot, the dogpark! We shot a lot a pix of the pups that day including some of the below, so I thought I would catch you all up on these little hellions (Halloween costumes coming soon!)

I especially LOVE the big one in the middle. Sorry it is so fuzzy, but it came from my phone. I just adore when the cuddle u
p like that!. Too precious!

Indy turned one on the 15th of October officially but I messed up and thought it was the 8th so we celebrated that day and he and Scout both scored with cupcakes! He's pretty big, about 55lbs, not as big as he could be for his breed but compared to Scout (a GSP runt) he is ginourmous! What he lacks in discipline he makes up in sheer joy and sweetness! Scout, who is now about five we think, has officially become the calm dog. She is full of princess sparkles and warm yumminess love for everyone! All in all, they make a great pair, and even when I think Scout is about ready to rip out Indy's throat if he doesn't leave her alone, then they settle down and take a cuddly nap together. Oh, to be a dog!!!

Let's Celebrate: 2 Years!

October 3rd, 2009, just two short years ago in some ways, but a long time in learning how to be husband and wife. 104 weekends = 104 date nights. 10 pairs of new jeans, give or take. Countless bowls of popcorn shared. One blanket continuously pulled back and forth across the bed. One kitten adopted. One puppy purchased. Hundreds of cupcakes baked. Tens of pounds gained. :( Hundreds of tears but Thousands of laughs.

I'm so thankful for my sweet, sweet Chad, my wonderful husband. And though the last few years have not been easy, I would not change them. Here's to you my sweet love, my sweet pea!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If only we could still pull these looks off!

Found this video of "100 Years of Fashion" and it is splendid! I am only a fashonista in my mind as my wallet and body don't really allow me pull off much of a cool ensemble. Plus the allure of a comfy pair of jeans is just too strong. But I wish I was wearing what the cool kids wear. Except for jeggings. Just can't forgive people for those. So take a look at what fashion has been up to the last 100 years, London style:

I think I would wear everything she does, except maybe the hippie dippy flowy thing. Love the white fly girl outfit and the punk, of course! OOo, and 1950's black skirt and sweater while he's in boots and leather jacket and twirling her! Oh, yeah!