Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More of the crazies

I'd like to say that Chad and I are settling in to our house all snuggly and tight, but...not so much. Of course, half of that has to do with the little hitch that I only "live" there on the weekends and visit on Tuesday nights. We did get most of belongings moved in over the weekend of June 18th; his from Stilwell and mine from Lawrence. All that remains is my oh-so-heavenly bed that I will not give up until October and some beautiful vintage 1960's vintage furniture his grandparents are giving us as well as some other essentials (some great dining room furniture, washer/dryer!!!, patio furniture).

Chad also picked out an early wedding present for himself; a 40 inch plasma TV which he was allowed to place in what he has lovingly termed the "TV Spot" or the brick area above our fireplace mantel. It, despite my skepticism at first, rely does look wonderful there. We also finally go to hang up our biggest winning from our Las Vegas trip, our Mangelsen original, "Teton Teddy" which was my early wedding present! Oh, and by the way, the new carpet and tile in the kitchen looks fantastic!!!

Chad and I are both having a pretty good month so far business wise. He was recently given a raise for all the great work that he has accomplished and is now an Engineer 3! My lia sophia business is starting to take off. I had my third show last night and really enjoy that effort that goes in and the product that comes out. I'm super excited because I reached my New Beginnings goal and will receive another great jewelry premium in free products which I will be picking out of the brand new catalog!!!

In other news, saving for the wedding had been going extremely, especially with my new business, that is until last night when my Anti-Lock Brake light came on as well as my anti-lock brakes, mind you it's summer and dry as a whistle, and I started to smell a burning. All of this on top of the fact that my whole exhaust system needs to be fixed is not looking good. As I was luckily right near my mechanic who specialized in VWs I very cautiously drove it over and parked it in the lot and waited for my parents to come pick me up. So, hopefully I will still have a wedding after my car is fixed!