Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Things I'm CRAZY About!

I got this idea from one of my besties who was showing me her blog, Reflections of a Possibilitarian, the other day. Please clicky here to check out what drives Sarah nuts! We all have so many interests and only so much time, although now that I'm a professional Hobo (although I do not have a shotgun) I arguably have a bit more time than others, so why not show the world what we love! So here is a countdown, in no particular order of things I'm mad about! I want to stress that these are not in order since Chad threw a pouty fit about it.

1. T-Shirts & Jeans

I mean, I
don't know what it is. I like nice clothes. I kinda like wearing them and I certainly like buying them but there is nothing, nothing better then being in a comfy pair of well-fitting, fashionable jeans and a ladies' style t-shirt. I especially love a tee with a design that says something about me. Not like the "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky" type but I have approx. 5 owl shirts and a whole lot from to rep my geekiness. Can I get a what, what? Also, I added this pic cause it's one of my absolute fav shirts I have, references my favorite TV show and she's staking Edward. In a word...WIN.

2. World of Warcraft aka WOW

I make no apologies. I am a geek and a gamer.
I love WOW. I never played video games when I was a kid or teenager and honestly I was pretty apprehensive when Chad told me how much he loved it, but it really only took me a couple of weeks to become totally addicted. I love playing with Chad and a bunch of our best friends play as well. The game is achievement based and has great witticisms and back story so although there are definitely are times when I burn out, I mostly crave kicking Horde, Scourge, ect butt! Making different characters in different races and classes and learning how to play each of them is not only cathartic but just plain awesome! You can be like my FIL and make all of your character names alike (Solled, Holyed, Rebeled) or like Michelle who makes all of her characters gnomes in each class (and they're all freakin' adorable!) Mine are a just a jumble; main is Lyraviolet and main alt is Lucja. Clicky and check them out! Others include Koravanja, Slayerbuffy, Miingmiing and Jayhawker. Here's a very popular and very fun video of a raid gone crazy LEEROY JENKINS!!! style!

3. My husband, Chad

Remember how I said this was in no particular
order? Well, I didn't want to be all cheddar cheesy and list my husband first, but he TRULY is my favorite thing. He is my rock and rudder; totally supportive and yet soft and supple. He is always there when I need him, tries everything I put in front of him and if he complains it is over with quickly. He is always ready with a witty joke or a good discussion. Chad is incredibly brilliant and usually humble (*wink) but is always willing to learn new things. He is a mixture of rough and tough boy/man but I've seen him be soft and gentle with a tiny little baby and he loves animals. Men who don't suck. He's my teddy bear, handyman, knight-in-shining armor and I could never ask for more!!!

4. The Decemberists

Check out the youtube vid above. This is a great starter Decemberists if you've never heard them before. It's a few albums old but I believe that it was one of the first songs that turned me on to them. I can't say how much I love them. They are indie, folky, rock, country, etc! They have a ballad about a mariner!! Chad and I were able to see them a few years ago and they were incredible! Colin Meloy has a very unique voice that is crazy recognizable and, I believe, super enjoyable! If you like anything a little bit folky or just want to try something new, give the Decemberists a whirl. They make bands like Mumford and Sons sound like hacks, and heck, they just put out a new album and are on tour!

5. Football (Bears and Jayhawks)

I love sports. That said there is one sport for me that rises above the rest: football. I'm not talking soccer and goodness knows I enjoy association football but it is NOT the "beautiful game." That prize belongs to the helmet crunching, forward passing, first downing, field goal kicking all-out amazingness of football. I literally count the days from the Superbowl until pre-season NFL and and Spring game! That brings me to why I find my current football position might we say, rather bleak. Let's just say it, KU sucks. Our coach is a Nebraska joke and it brought tears to my eyes to see how good we were in that video just a few years ago. I'd do anything to get Mangino back! Fat people rock!!!! Second, the NFL owner's league and player's league need to get over it cause if I don't get some freaking decent football this fall.... A year without football would be like a year without sunshine. I make no exaggeration there That is a very true simile. So I will end this with a simple Bear Down and Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

Those are the first half of my ten and my next post will update you on the rest!! So enjoy!

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