Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun way to wake up...

Yesterday morning Chad was up getting ready for work and I was playing with the puppy in the bedroom when Chad told me I had to come see something in the dining room. This is what I came out to find him looking at...

This is the bottom pane of our dining room window. The glass is broken out in one large piece from the inside and is resting on the screen. Totally weird, huh? So what happened...well we really don't know
and can only hypothesize but these may be the guilty parties...

Those are smudge marks all over the window because the dogs are OBSESSED with bunnies and passerbys walking their doggies. Oh, and btw, the one on the right is the puppy. *Yikes!

The plan of action for now has been "stick a pillow in the hole." LOL!!! Frankly, ALL the windows in the house need to be replaced and this was one of the worst ones, but we are already in the middle of re-roofing our house, etc from the huge hail storm in April, not to mention we have no flooring at the moment in the living room, dining room, hallway or basement as those all needed to be replaced when we moved in and had to be removed after Indy joined us. sigh. In better news, we may at least be able to put off a privacy fence as Indy has taken well to the tie out chain. Fingers crossed!! As for the window, of course after looking at the Pella catalog it seams that it the window does not measure diagonally the same across each way within 1/4 of an inch we will have to rip the whole freaking window out. And of course the window is an abnormal size, 64x35 inches. Luckily we actually have a storm window on that one so rain is not a problem but OH THIS PLACE IS A MONEY MAD HOUSE!!! Good thing I love it!

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  1. Hello MaraMichelle! I am just now stumbling on this blog post, so I apologize if this information is too late to help. But were you able to get a quote for your Pella windows? I believe the nearest Pella location to you is:

    Pella Windows and Doors
    1602 Jasper St
    North Kansas City, MO 64116-3726
    Phone: (816) 471-0414
    Fax: (816) 421-8302
    Service: (800) 892-5817

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
    Erin M. Pella Community Manager