Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not in polite company

I really like my blog to be positive but as it is a bit of an online journal I will have to share this with you too. I know there are certain things you are not supposed to talk about with people because they often feel very strongly one way or the other, hence my title for this post. Believe me, the older I get the less and less I care to hear anyone mention one tiny iota about anything political, whereas in high school I welcomed the debate. Unfortunately, today is about the other no-no topic. I grew up in a religious family. We went to church every Sunday and followed all the "rules" and honestly, compared to some other families in we were pretty liberal. However, I only ever really enjoyed the socializing and singing and by the time I was in late high school and we moved I was done. I have a hard time believing in any type of organized religion but don't really have a problem with personal spirituality.

But unfortunately my families church has found out where I now live. The religion has a hard core "bring back lapsed members" policy ------>me. So some lady randomly started sending me these odd cards in the mail a few months ago, that had absolutely no reference to whom she was but I finally figured it out since it had my maiden name on it. Yesterday she left a framed cross-stitch on the porch (still no reference that she is from any type of church and could be just some creepy stalker, lol) that was, well, interesting. Then, tonight as Chad and I were opening our garage door up walk these two men who end of are from my parents church and they of course begin pressuring me. "Why don't I come to church? Do I go to another church?" Answer: I just want to be left alone! "Well we can't just leave you alone." Really? Then he wants me to write him a letter telling him why I don't want to be a member so they can null and void my baptism. Seriously? I got them at least to say they won't come but every once a year. I really don't know what to do.


Not to make what I just said said unserious but I used my Stumble! button and found the site literally seconds after finishing this post. And I think it about sums it up....CLICKY!

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