Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Monday

I want to start something new, a tradition, if you will, here on the YBRE. So I will start with Movie Mondays. MM's will consist of either me pumping you up about a new movie I want to see, reviewing an awesome movie I just saw, reminiscing over a film we've long forgotten or mocking a movie we should forget. Basically, I'm writing this so anything goes! You get a double-header this Monday!

Let's start off with a film that I've been waiting on for over a year! "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," and finally got to see on it's opening night! Here is a clip:

Pretty spooky, eh?

Unfortunately, the film did not do well with critics and I admit has some problems. First of all, even if this little girl is lonely, why in the world would you go down into a super creepy basement to talk to super creepy voices that no one else could hear? Even the brave kid I married said he would have been too scared to do that. Second, there are some lore continuities that don't agree at the beginning and the end which are disappointing for del Toro. I won't give specifics as it would involve a spoiler. BUT overall the film was scary and enjoyable. The creatures were very creepy and very old-world, evil-faeryesque. I will definitely be buying on bluray!

The next little treat I have to share is something that will be coming out something in the future: THE KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM!!!! Let me just say this...LARPing!!! LOL! Vidy this:

ZOMG!! "Welcome to the Fields of Evermore!" Can't wait! I *heart* Peter Dinklage! This is going to be AWESOME!!!

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