Friday, August 19, 2011


K, so I have such a craving for biscuits and apple cider right now! All the kiddos are going back to school and I just can't wait!!! I want some cool weather (and not only cause I almost passed out this morning while mowing) and pumpkin patches!!!

So I checked out the Louisburg Cider Mill site to vidy what was in store this season and now I'm triple anxious! It's a Wizard maze----->Geektastic! I'm having a hard time seeing the actual wizard other than maybe a face in the middle BUT you can clearly see a DRAGON in the top left corner. WOOT!

Click the linky

And on their site they talk about making the cider and ooooooooommmmmmgggggg haz a want!!!!!!! and cider donuts toooooooo! Okay, I'm writing this while I'm really hungry, can you tell?

Also, they talk about making their rootbeer and if I didn't think the taste of anise was disgusting, I'm sure I would like it. Props for not using HFCS, though!

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