Thursday, May 19, 2011

Since last we met

Chad and I have expanded our family a bit since our wedding. We started off with my original little one, Scout. She was a rescue from the Humane Society; a bit of a miniature German Shorthaired Pointer. I call her "compact." She is most definitely a princess and was a bit incensed to give up her spot on the bed to Chad.

Pass the crumpets and tea, please!

Soon after the wedding I convinced Chad that what we needed in the house was a sweet, little kitty. Interestingly, what we ended up taking home was a semi-evil, Sith Lord in the form of a fluffy little kitty. The aptly named Ophelia, she has quite a fascination with water, spends half of her time plotting the world's demise and the rest cuddling. She is building a stronghold by her "adorableness" power, which allows her to make a minion of anyone who cuddles with her!

Look into my give me tunas!

The newest member to the clan is our sweet little puppy, Indy. Chad had wanted to get his own puppy for a while now, and let's face it, another male in the house! So in November, we visited a new litter of puppies out in Cilacothe, MO. They were all completely adorable but one stuck out from the rest (and jumped all over Chad!) One month later and right before Christmas we brought home little Indy! He is a total handful but tons of love and fun and wiggles!

He’s a lot bigger now!

They all get along pretty well. Ophelia is definitely not a fan of the new puppy, but he adores her, wrestling with her especially. Scout and Indy and super besties, he looks up to her (although down physically now) as the best big sister ever. It can get pretty wild around here with all these crazies running around! Take a look:

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