Friday, July 22, 2011

Milk was a bad choice...

It's SOOOOOOO hot. My brain is addled, I swear. I can't concentrate, I'm pissy (especially to Chad) and all I want to do is move to Vancouver. I'm not supposed to sweat this much, seriously. If you don't believe the summers are getting hotter and the winters are getting colder, please, come to Olathe, Kansas and check out our weather patterns the last few years.

Anywho, I want to start off, well move on really, with some super-awesome-fantastic news! Two of my besties are going t
o be tying the knot! I received a call last night from Sarah of Reflections of a Possibilitarian that she and her man Brian are now engaged! SCREAM!!!! This is especially exciting as Sarah is one of my best friends from college and Brian is one of Chad's best friends from childhood on and they met at our wedding where I strategically paired them! But I won't take too much credit, these two were obviously just meant for each other!! And how about a shout out to Brian for a proposal by a waterfall in a national park!!! Woot!! Congrats you two. Now let's do this wedding!!!

And since we are speaking of romance and love, please enjoy the most beautiful and perfect heart strawberry I found today.

Delicious as well!

Today has been an especially productive day
, you would think I had taken a double dose of Sudofed! Got up shortly after Chad left at 6:30 and started doing some yard work. You know those people in your neighborhood, the ones who never take care of their lawn and make you wish you had an HOA. Well...we kind of have been those people. It's not that we don't care it's just that it's too freakin' hot and we're broke. But mostly it's too hot. It should have been mowed a while ago, weeds everywhere, bushes---->oh my, and they roofing sign is gone so that only the wire stand remains. Well I tried to remedy some of that this morning. I chopped down the rose bushes that we had tried to kill last fall (they came back very roseless), sprayed the weeds in the grass with weed killer, sprayed the weeds everywhere else with weed & grass killer, trimmed the bushes I can sort of tolerate and picked everything up before I passed out from heat exhaustion. Once inside I tackled what I looked at last night at made this noise at, "eeeuuuuggghhhhhssssshhhhh:" my housework. Sweeping, dusting, need i say more this place was a mess! But the big kahuna was the craft/office room which looked like this:

That, my friends, is what happens when your two dogs get into a forbidden room while you are away for the evening and commence to destroy everything in sight. Ruining craft projects, ripping up books, pooing on things (*cringe), breaking childhood art; you name it, it happened. And yes, that is my sewing machine on the floor, no it is not supposed to be there.
Finally, today I got around to finishing the damage control and I'm happy to say that the floor is visible again although in need of a good vacuuming and shampooing which chad has promised await it in the near future! Papers are filed, trash is binned, books are righted. Now if I can just keep the freaking dogs out...

List of good things!!

1. We are raiding again!

This little loot sloot has already scored some awesome gear in Blackwing Descent , Throne of the Four Winds and Bastion of Twilight and the guild is planning on some Firelands trash runs! Woohoo!!!

2. The Escape is almost fixed! Although there is a lot more to this story for right now I will just say that I should be back in my delicious SUV by Monday and thank heaven cause I can't take anything else much longer.

3. One week from today, Indy will be neutered!!!! HORRAYYY!!!!

And on that positive note I hope you have a punch and pie weekend!

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