Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Weekend, Busy Week

Chad and I started off our busy weekend with Friday off. We joined our bank accounts, bought home, car and life insurance and even picked out carpet and linoleum on Saturday morning. So far everything seems to be going well with the house and we are just waiting to hear on the appraisal. We are little worried that it may not appraise for our loan amount and we might have to renegotiate, but as long as we get our house it should be okay.

I'm working on prepairing for my tech exam. I'm worried about the math portion as I've always loathed the subject and tend to freak out whenever I see it. Everyone keeps telling me that I will do fine and I hope they're right since I don't want to have to take it more than once both for pride and monetary reasons.

On the wedding front, I'm currently working on the save-the-dates which are made using two pieces of card stock, one bright fall red, the other dark brown. I designed them myself and got a free special font to spice them up. I printed the text on the red cardstock, then using a Marth Stewart scrapbooking punchout here I pasted the brown cardstock to the back for a great fall look. I was originally going to purchase matching envelopes from Michaels but decided that at $5 a pack it wasn't worth spending $190 total. I got a great deal off the internet at We also got some great engagement pix via my mom last weekend on the Plaza and at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. Previews to come soon!

In a more fun, need to get done soon but not this very second, note, I bought plans and fabric for a snuggly baby blanket for one of my best friend's (currently baby bump) baby! I bought this great Amy Butler pattern book from a couple of months ago.Then I went to a great local fabric shop, Sarah's Fabrics, and purchased a great print for the blanket, plus a new Amy Butler pattern for a MP3 (Zune 120 in my case) and Laptop cover!

The inside of the blanket will be fleece and will be great for little baby Rider on those cold St. Louis fall evenings! I'm diving in as soon as I finish those save the dates!

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